Untitled (home), 2010

Untitled (bombé), 2010

Untitled (boulder path), 2010

Untitled (Miners' path), 2010

Untitled (camp houses), 2011

Untitled (Mound), 2010

Untitled (Royal Dalton) II, 2012

Untitled (4 chairs), 2011

Untitled (nest), 2010

Untitled (Rye Supply), 2010

Untitled (Mist), 2011

Untitled (Sour Lake), 2011

Vanishing America, 2010-2012

I watch as a looming crisis forms on the horizon of the American Dream. By 2008 I am standing in its ashes. I try to capture images to tell our story. Like jump cuts in fading memories I splice things together. An American antique safe from the ravages of time. An obsolete phone booth facing certain demolition. A dusty road to oil fields parallels an abandonded mining town. Will these places and objects be enough to tell those not yet here that our dream was real? That it wasn’t a figment of our collective imagination. Will the detritus they discover under our ash be enough to stifle the laughter when it’s revealed we never had control over our own destiny.