Atlas, 1993

Pygmalion, 1993

Diana & Actaeon, 1993

Icarus, 1993

Vestal Virgins, 1993

GI Joe Icon, 1989

Cowboy Icon, 1989

Tarzan Icon, 1989

GI Joe Icon (open)

Cowboy Icon (open)

Tazan Icon (open)

Icons & Reliquaries, 1989/1993

One thing has remained constant in the work I make. It has always been a reflection of my culture and society. In this early work, the focus was on the mythology of the past, now bedtime stories told to usher children to dreamland. We don't let these stories teach us anymore so I created new ones. Utilizing found images that play with and off each other, the new stories tend to expose some cold hard facts - of how little we have advanced and how much we tend to repeat.