Searching for a NY State of Mind

An old fashioned, stick to your teeth, sweet and crunchy popcorn ball. Inside each popcorn ball is driving directions to another city or town in the United States. A person chooses a popcorn ball from the wall, opens it up and finds directions to places like Goodnews Bay, Alaska; Bliss, Michigan or Happy Camp, California.

Pick a treat and in the time it takes to eat the popcorn, you've taken a little road trip. Packing optional.

Searching for a New York State of Mind, 2001 (cellophane, ribbon, paper, popcorn balls:popcorn, sugar, corn syrup, butter, vanilla extract , salt)Dimensions: variable

Installation view: EatArt 5, Here Art, New York 2002

© Pamela Vander Zwan 2009